Creating Mobile WiFi Hotspot in Gnome/ Fedora

This is a hack to create a mobile hotspot on your Fedora machine. It’s quite complex to create a mobile hotspot on Gnome, atmost you can create an adhoc network. However, this hack will allow you to create mobile hotspot in just a click

  1. Open Network Manager and switch on your Wi-Fi
  2. Click on Use as Hotspot… -> Turn On
  3. This will create an adhoc network and we’re going to edit the configuration file to create a mobile hotspot. First we need to create a backup of the original, just in case

           sudo cp /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/Hotspot Hotspot_bac

4. Also we’ll be needing your MAC address from this file later which can be found using

sudo vim Hotspot_bac

Just look for the line starting with mac-address. On my system it seems to be on line 9. Copy this MAC address

Alternatively you can obtain your MAC address at anytime using,


5. You can also save your uuid from the Hotspot_bac file for later use or use mine. It’ll most probably be on line 3 and starting with uuid

       6. Now we’re going to directly edit the configuration file but first switch off the hotspot which you created earlier.

        sudo vim /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/Hotspot

       7. Delete all the lines (just keep pressing ‘d’) and enter into insert mode (if you’re using vi). Copy my configuration file from below to                                             your Hotspot file, replacing the MAC address (and UUID if you wish) with your own from the previous steps and save and exit after that:

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