Must Have add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

Do you love Mozilla Firefox Internet browser? I’m going to tell you about some exceptional add-ons which will enhance your Firefox experience ranging from faster speed to ease of use. Firefox happens to be my favourite browser and I’ll be listing my favourite add-ons; please feel free to mention some of yours. You may get the latest updates of Firefox here.


1. Adblock Plus

This is an essential element for smoother browsing experience. It enables you to hide those annoying ads whether it be flash ads or pop ups. Team it up with Element hiding helper and you get a deadly combo. It can block any ads. You can even select certain sections of text and add it as rule for Adblock Plus.

I would like to mention certain points of internet ethics here. Adblock by default blocks ads from all domains, i.e. it doesn’t cares which site you’re on and blocks all ads it can. This has caused debates with many people believing that Adblock should be blocked, since there are many people who depend on these ads for their living. They provide some earnings so that they may pay for the server bills and help provide better material to the users. Many bloggers, writers and businessmen depend on these ads to develop their careers.

Now banning the software isn’t a solution. It’s up to your discretion, you may block all ads (too cruel) or help contribute to the author (consider it a ‘thank you’ to the author). You may follow what I do; I don’t set Adblock to block all the ads, instead I use the Element hiding helper to block ads when it’s beyond my patience. Please feel free to block misguiding ads and those nasty pop-ups. Remember,”With great powers comes great responsibilities.”


2. Extended Statusbar

This provides with an added status bar at the bottom of the screen. It shows the percentage of file loaded, time taken, speed and the size of file. It helps you in identifying lighter sites or your download speed.


3. FireGestures

A very light and easy to use tool. It takes some time getting used to but this will greatly increase your productivity and enhance your browsing experience once you get acquainted with. It gives you the ability to use mouse (or touch pad) gestures for common actions such as going back, opening in a new tab, closing the tab and much more. You can even customize your own gestures.


4. Flash Video Downloader

As the name suggests it helps in downloading flash embedded videos from YouTube like sites. If you plan to use FlashBlock, you may need a different add-on for YouTube like Easy YouTube Video Downloader.


5. Save as PDF

This tool helps in saving a web page in PDF format. It’s a time-saver and you can save PDFs and read them later on your smartphones or tablets; very useful for tutorials and guitar tabluatures.


6. YouTube Smart Pause

It automatically pauses the running video when you close the tab and resumes it when you return, depending on your preferences.


7. Firebug

A great tool for web developers. It has added tools for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Its best feature is its ability to highlight and monitor individual elements.


8. EPUBReader

If you’re an avid eBook reader then this add-on is a must for you. It allows you to read epub files directly in the browser.


9. StumbleUpon

This tool helps in discovering new and amazing content on the internet. It also has a sharing feature. You can discover great blogs, websites and photos depending on the keyword.


10. Pocket

If you find something interesting while surfing the net and don’t have enough time to read it, you can put it in Pocket. It automatically syncs with your smartphone and tablet. Also you don’t require a connection to view it later, so that you may read at peace.


11. Turn Off the Lights

This extension dims the background while watching a video so that you can watch without any distractions. A great tool to have while watching videos in dim light.


12. gTranslate

This extension uses Google Translate service to translate any text on a webpage with ease.


13. QuickWiki

QuickWiki helps in quick searching for a word or phrase with the help of a keyboard shortcut while highlighting the word or phrase.


14. NoScript Security Suite

It’s an ultimate tool to protect against hackers and click jacking attacks. It monitors the JavaScript and only allows them to run if they’re from a trusted domain. You can even add your own rules.


15. Memonic Web Clipper

This extension allows you to save only relevant parts of a site and provides easier sharing.


16. Theme Font & Size Changer

It allows you to change the global font style used by Firefox. You can change font family, font style and font size.


17. Click&Clean

This add-on allows you to clear your browsing history, cookies and temporary files with a single click. If you’re a fan of CCleaner, then you’ll surely love this.


18. Pin Unpin

It makes use of Firefox’s new feature of pinning tabs, occupying lesser space and refreshing in each session. You can pin or unpin a tab using a customizable shortcut, the default being Alt + p.


19. Ghostery

This is a protection extension which lets you monitor and block any trackers. You can see a list of trackers on the current webpage and block those which you want. Please leave the WordPress stats tracker unblocked on this page. It helps us to know more about our readers and provide better content. Combine Ghostery with NoScript and you’ve got the best combo of security.


20. Flashblock

A powerful tool to deal with annoying flash ads which run on their own. It leaves placeholders in place of flash content and if you want to run it you just need to click on it.


21. Pinch-to-zoom and Double-tap Gesture Support

This allows for the pinch-to-zoom feature and double-tap zoom feature in Firefox. You may use it with your touch pad, but I haven’t tested it on touchscreen devices.


22. nocomments

It turns off comments on YouTube and if you want to see them, then you just need to click on a toggle switch.

If you would like to ask some questions, please feel free to comment. Also add some of your favourites.

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