Connecting to Ad-hoc networks in Windows 8.1

Hey guys I recently came across this problem when playing CS with friends. You might have noticed that Windows 8.1 doesn’t shows ad-hoc networks (created using laptop) in the sidebar like usual hotspot networks (created from a router). Now you don’t need to be a die-hard geek to make this work. It took me quite some while to research but you guys just follow this short guide:

1. Fire up a terminal window by pressing Windows + R and type in:


2. Show up all available connections:

3. Now some set-up. Go to Network and Sharing Center:

  • > Set up a new connection or network
  • > Manually connect to wireless network
  • > enter SSID of ad-hoc
  • > configure security settings
  • > uncheck start this connection automatically
  • > Next
  • > Close

4. Define connection type <SSID> = <name of the ad-hoc network> :

netsh wlan set profileparameter <SSID> connectiontype=ibss

5. Connecting :

netsh wlan connect <SSID>

6. Disconnecting :

7. Clearing network profile :

This should do the trick. Don’t worry if your friends manage to get some heads up before you join up 😉

Enjoy life, play CS

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